Room for Change – Refreshed + Refurbished

Painting isn’t new to Kailan Dreolini of Refreshed + Refurbished.  “Growing up, I enjoyed painting my room with my mom, sometimes every year even,” Kailan tells me.  “I’ve been painting projects for clients for around 4 years now, but my experience goes well beyond that.”

Kailan is often called upon to re-paint interiors for customers.  She loves the whole design process, doing a walk-thru with the home owners, choosing colours and transforming a space.  But she has really found her niche in refinishing cabinetry.  A job, not to be taken lightly due to the prep work and process it takes to create a beautiful finish, she is always up to the challenge.  According to Kailan, refinished kitchen cabinetry is her favourite project to work on.  It’s a big job, taking up to 2 weeks to complete, but the impact it makes in a home is priceless. 

Though white is a timeless and the most requested colour when refinishing kitchen cabinetry, Kailan is seeing a trend in two-toned kitchens that is not leaving anytime soon.  This is when clients request a different colour for their upper or lower cabinets, or a different colour for their island.  It creates a unique statement in a kitchen and can really bring out the personality of the home owner. 

The majority of Kailan’s inquiries are for cabinetry, but you can’t forget about interior walls.  She loves the transformation a new colour can make in someone’s home.  Either a fresh touch up or whole a new look, she can walk her client through colour options and give recommendations if needed.  Her main focus is residential, but will not shy away from smaller commercial jobs. She also fields many calls from property managers and landlords looking for touch ups and minor wall repair. 

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Kailan Dreolini of Refreshed + Refurbished has created a name for herself.  Her experience, design and passion are really coming through in her projects and creating a lasting impression with her clients.