Room With A View

Having your sunroom come together is like piecing together a puzzle and who better to do that than the experts at Elite Sunrooms by Sunspace. 

Keith and his crew recently completed this project for a customer.  They start by putting in screw piles that will support the foundation of the sunroom and covered deck.  They use a rubber track hoe that leaves no indents in the lawn, always thinking of the customer first.  Once the beam is installed, they can move on to building the floor.  The Therm-Deck insulated 6 ½ inch floor is rated R26 and the 8 ¼ inch floor is rated R35.  This engineered floor system is used on the 3-season and Model 400 Insulted Rooms.  After installing the floor system, the perimeter flashing is installed as well as the starter tracks to get ready for the walls. 

Everything really starts to come together once the 2-inch wall system starts being put in place.  Each section typically has a window with the top and bottom panels attached by extrusions to create a seamless structural wall.  After all panels are put in place, they can work on the roof.  The insulated roof gets attached to the wall top tracks.  Once that is all installed, they add flashing to the existing roof and seal it to ensure there are no leaks. 

This customer wanted a covered deck edition to go with their sunroom.  After all pieces are in place for the sunroom, they move to completing the roof over the deck and adding a support to ensure stability.  Gutters and fascia are installed once the roofing system is finished.  To complete the project, they will use Sunspace AlumaDeck and railings on the covered deck and finish with stairs.

Watching a project come together is not only satisfying for the owners but for Keith and the staff at Elite Sunrooms as well.  Each project is unique and tailored to their customer’s needs.