Rotary Villas at Crocus Gardens Your Golden Years

When you hit a certain age, one of the things you look forward to the most is your golden years. Retirement is supposed to be worry-free, stress-free, relaxing, and liberating. After all, it is a time in someone’s life when the calendar is filled with only the events and activities of your choice and, you are no longer obligated to report to work.

While many people have a vision of how they want their retirement to look, the plan they may have had has likely shifted following months of lockdowns and restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic. If one could sum up how people felt during this time, the first word that comes to mind is lonely.

Many seniors and retirees spent months all alone in their homes, apartments, or condominiums. While their homey spaces may have once offered a place of solitude and comfort, the time spent in isolation away from family and friends may have some people re-thinking their living arrangements.

Many people are starting to think, what if this were to happen again, would I still want to have the same living arrangements? Jody Kehler, Executive Director with Rotary Villas At Crocus Gardens, said that of the seniors she’s spoken with recently, many are considering other living options, including all-inclusive retirement living.

“Throughout the pandemic, we were always able to provide our residents at Rotary Villas with all the essential services, and each day they would see friendly, familiar faces. We certainly had challenges, but that just meant that we had to step outside the box, be more creative, and think of different ways to keep our residents active and entertained while at the same time protecting them,” said Kehler.

Although there were many hardships, especially during the peak of the pandemic, there were also many lessons to be learned.

“We had to adjust and change gears. One minute I was a leasing coordinator, the next I was an entertainer. We did what we needed to because we realized that at times our residents didn’t need a nurse, they didn’t need a coordinator, they needed someone to bring a smile to their faces. We did that, we had fun, and we all got through it together,” said Tanis Low, Leasing Coordinator for Rotary Villas.

With high vaccination rates among seniors and the tight restrictions of the pandemic behind us, the staff at Rotary Villas are now grateful to provide more regular programming and recreational services.

“We have a vigorous recreation program with a creative project going on at all times. In addition to our programming, there is a healthy living centre, games room, billiard lounge, and a library. And soon, we’ll once again start offering excursions. We’ll plan day trips to the casino, to museums, or head out to a nearby small town to do some exploring. There’s always so much going on, I can’t imagine anybody ever being bored here,” said Kehler.

Although all-inclusive retirement living has many benefits, it is still a big decision on when it’s the right time to take the leap and permanently change your living arrangements.

If you think all-inclusive living at Rotary Villas is similar to booking a trip on the most deluxe cruise ship, then you are correct. It is, especially in terms of all the services and amenities that they provide. The difference in coming on board is that you don’t experience a huge financial setback.

Some of the lovely one-bedroom suites at Rotary Villas are available at $2995, which provides you with three meals a day, 24-hour security, light housekeeping services, use of the shuttle and recreation services, plus cable, Internet, and telephone.

“We work through scenarios with prospective residents all the time. When you are in your own home and start adding up all your monthly and yearly expenses, things such as hydro, cable, Internet, groceries, vehicle insurance, gas, property taxes, and so on you soon realize that it’s often equal to what you are paying now or sometimes less. Plus, when you’re living on your own, you don’t always have delicious and nutritious meals, companionship, housekeeping services, or all the other great amenities that we offer,” said Low.