Seamless Door Solutions

I’m truly impressed by the array of exceptional services offered by Windsor Plywood, and among their standout offerings, the door shop service has captured my attention. For those seeking to replace aging doors in their residences while preserving the existing frames, the challenge of finding a suitable match can often prove to be a cumbersome and time-intensive task. However, Windsor Plywood has unveiled an ingenious solution: their door shop service.

Imagine this scenario – you possess a door in need of an update due to age or damage. Windsor Plywood steps in as your partner in this endeavor. Simply bring your current door to their expert craftsmen, and they will machine match a new door to harmoniously align with your existing one. This meticulous process encompasses every detail, including the orientation (left or right), knob placement, and hinge height, ensuring a seamless and flawless integration. The team will meticulously measure your current door, ensuring a picture-perfect match.

The efficiency of Windsor Plywood’s door shop service is another remarkable facet. The majority of projects can be completed within a swift one-hour turnaround, a testament to their dedication and skill. This expeditious timeframe empowers you to embrace the transformation and aesthetic enhancement you seek.

Diversifying their offerings, Windsor Plywood introduces an alluring addition to their inventory: the Barn Doors from Prairie Barnwood, hailing from the artistic enclave of Morden, Manitoba. These distinctive pieces are meticulously handcrafted, each a one-of-a-kind creation fashioned from reclaimed, new, or rustic-milled solid wood. Prairie Barnwood’s creative spirit thrives at the crossroads of rustic allure and clean, contemporary lines, infused with the latest trends in colour. This combination has propelled them to the forefront of solid wood furniture manufacturing in Canada.

Further expanding their selection, Windsor Plywood proudly showcases an array of doors from renowned brands like Metrie. With an expansive assortment of flush and moulded panel doors, Metrie, a cherished family-owned enterprise, has earned a reputation for delivering enduring quality across the expanse of North America.

Windsor Plywood is your definitive destination for a comprehensive spectrum of door types, encompassing everything from resilient exterior and storm doors to inviting interior and barn doors. Whether you opt to seamlessly match your existing doors on-site or embark on an exploration of entirely new door and frame possibilities, Windsor Plywood remains your steadfast partner throughout the journey. And let’s not overlook the meticulous selection of hardware, an essential element that provides the finishing touch to your project.