Smart Homes

Smart homes are no longer a wave of the future and are becoming more popular in the everyday home. 69% of homes in North America have at least one smart home device. It is shown that once a homeowner has one smart device, the chances of them owning a second or third device goes up significantly. The most common smart devices are security systems, doorbells, home hubs, thermostats, televisions, lights, speakers, plugs, and appliances. 

While some smart devices help with the home’s efficiency, the majority of owners want them for the convenience. Once you connect your smart device to your network, either wirelessly or hard-wired, you can control your device from any smartphone, computer, tablet, or gaming console. Homeowners are drawn to the security smart devices can offer through smart doorbells and whole home security systems. These systems give them the ability to watch their home and receive notifications from anywhere in the world.

If you are new to the smart home world, start with a device that will benefit your household. This could be a smart thermostat, lighting or plugs. Plugs are very simple and can make a big impact. You simply plug them into your outlet to connect them to your smart device such as your phone. Anything you plug into your smart plug can now be turned on by that device. This is helpful with hard to reach lamps, once plugged in, you can turn them off and on from anywhere without bending and reaching.

Pairing your smart device with the right internet provider is ideal. You want to make sure you have a strong, reliable connection in order to run your smart home smoothly.