Letter from the Editor

Supporting local trades is not a new idea, but one that we should be reminded of. Communities would not have grown and become what they are today, if we did not support local vendors and businesses.

Once you start your own business you really see the effects of what supporting local can mean, and this was true for us. The reason we started this magazine, was to help showcase the talent we have in Western Manitoba. In turn, by publishing our magazine, we support our local printer, graphic designer, writers, photographers, and more. It’s like a continuous turn table that helps grow our community one step at a time .

As we continue to build our home this fall, we are reminded constantly about what it means to support local. Not only are you supporting businesses in your community, but you are meeting great people and building relationships that will continue on either personally and/or professionally. In our 3 years of publishing DYH magazine, we are asked on a weekly basis by our readers, friends and family to recommend someone for a job. There is nothing I like more than to talk about the great work I have received from someone or relationship I have with them. We love sharing information, either through the magazine or word of mouth, about the local products, businesses and people around us.

When you support local, you are not only supporting a business, but you are supporting families and communities.

I don’t necessarily feel that a business has to be run by someone local in order for you to be “supporting local” either. Businesses in our community hire local trades for work and our family and friends to manage them. By supporting them, you are supporting the families who work there too.

We love living in our community and putting our money back into it, in order to help it grow and continue to offer us more. Think about the last time you supported a local business and think about where those dollars you spent might be now. Maybe, right back in your pocket!