Technology on Wheels

When you’re designing a new home, redesigning an older home, or even doing simple renovations, your vehicle can be a major factor – just ask anyone who’s ever tried to cram 2000 square feet of flooring into an SUV.

While the shape and size of vehicles haven’t changed much in recent years, a lot of great advancements have been made in usability and space utilization. Compact and subcompact cars have developed new seating strategies that allow maximum cargo space, such as the Honda Fit, which has unique fold-up or fold-down rear seating that allows you to transport tall items such as plants and paintings.

Vehicle buying has also become a very tech-savvy experience in our connected age – New models from all manufacturers feature a long list of convenience and safety features far beyond power windows.

Speaking of those, do you remember when air conditioning and cruise control were considered luxury items? When the only “space age” technology in your new vehicle was a cassette deck or keyless entry?

Those days are long gone.

Modern vehicles contain an elaborate digital system of sensors, controls, cameras and entertainment interfaces. Things like GPS navigation and Bluetooth, once considered extravagant, have become common. Companies like Samsung, Apple and Microsoft have developed systems specifically for the auto industry, ensuring that the latest vehicles are compatible with their phones, tablets and even watches.

Perhaps the biggest advancements being made are those relating to autonomy. A few years ago, the thought of a self-driving vehicle was preposterous. But as we speak, all of the major car companies are developing systems to create just that, and signs point to self-driving vehicles being only a few years away.

Cars are already parking themselves, warning you if your bumper is getting too close to that garbage can, and change lanes for you automatically when you activate your turn signal. Backing out of the driveway feels a lot less risky when your backup camera lets you see a wide-angle shot of your path.

Entertainment systems have also become much more elaborate, with Bluetooth and other wireless technologies ensuring drivers can stay connected safely while driving. In-vehicle wi-fi is already rolling out in new models, as well as other GPS tools that can allow a driver to actively view upcoming traffic snares with satellite imaging.

When purchasing a new vehicle, be sure to take your time – ask lots of questions. Rearrange the seats and see how easily they fold up or down; test the Bluetooth system for compatibility with your phone. There can be pressure when buying a new vehicle and you may feel rushed – but a good salesperson will take the time to help you find exactly what you need in a vehicle!

By Ken Jaworski,
Marketing Director
Forman Auto Centre