The Changing of the Leaves

Letter to the Editor

It’s that time of year again, the leaves are changing, kids are back in school and we start to prepare for the hibernation of winter, well at least some of us!

In the cooler months, we still enjoy outdoor activities, but we are usually preparing ourselves for those winter projects that we need to do around the house. After moving into our new home, we spent much of the summer working on our landscaping. We will continue to get the yard and exterior of the home ready for winter, as we plan our interior projects for the coming months.

After building a new home, there is no shortage of jobs to be completed. Prioritize your list on what needs to be done and what is cosmetic and can stand to wait a bit longer. This fall, I look forward to completing the cabinetry in our laundry room and getting our garage ready for winter. Fall is the perfect time to re-organize the garage. In the summer months, you use it to park bikes, store lawn chairs, rakes, wagon, lawn mower, balls and kites. This is a great time to organize and pack away all those items, in order to comfortably get your vehicles back into the garage! If you have a garage, you usually want to be able to park your car in it, during our winter months, right? Not only is insulating and drywalling a garage a big job, but so is organizing it to be functional for you and your family. Life seems to run a little easier when everything is organized!

When planning your winter projects, do some research first to help get yourself organized. Make a list for the project and what supplies you need. The fall is the perfect time of year to visit the hardware store and pick up your items on the list so you are ready when it is time to start. Instead of hibernating all winter, get some projects completed off your list in order to make your home more functional for your family.

Jaime-Lynn Dyck
Design Your Home