There’s a wine app for that

There are many wine apps, some that allow users to document their wine cellar and record wine selections, while others provide prices and ordering information, educate, plus much more.

You can download several apps but usually one or two will suffice depending on your needs. The following apps are popular, some have very specific uses, while others offer a broad range of information. The apps featured here include a wine scanning feature which uses the phone camera to identify a wine. And don’t be intimidated, there are apps for beginners, wine geeks and professionals.

The following wine apps are highly rated and popular.


With over 30 million users this free social media app is considered by many to have the best wine-label scanning capability. Vivino users take a photo, using the phone camera, to access information including reviews and food and wine pairings along with information about the wine’s region of production. This app allows you to change the vintage so it is accurate (the app recognises the bottle but the specific vintage is not always correct), rate wine and record your own tasting notes. Users create a user profile and may purchase wine if local laws allow.


Scan a wine label to receive wine descriptions ratings and reviews. This app keeps a record of your wines, which you can share with others, and allows the user to rate wine, make tasting notes and access ratings and reviews by famous winemakers and wine critics who you may choose to follow. Users may also check out prices and explore suggestions for wines that suit your palate.

Hello Vino

This app is promoted as the users personal “virtual wine assistant” and is great for those familiarizing themselves with the world of wine. Hello Vino boasts a “No Snobs Allowed” policy.

Should you desire information about wine and food pairing or wine suitable for a specific occasion this app is for you. Users have access to information regarding wine type, taste and grape variety – not only common grape varieties but also lesser known grape varieties. Users may access community and professional wine reviews. Hello Vino makes wine recommendations and “personalized picks” based on the user’s preferences which is determined by the user’s response to specific questions. In addition, this wine app has a good dictionary and pronunciation guide.

Cellar Tracker

This app is for those with a sizeable wine cellar. Users scan barcodes to access the huge database. This app keeps track of and manages wines in your cellar by recording the number of bottles you have, the number of wines consumed (both the specific wine and where you consumed it) and pending deliveries.

It also allows users to track the cellars value. In addition, users can access professional tasting reviews and notes, keep a record of their own impressions, and join a wine community to share their thoughts.


This app provides information on grape varieties, winemaking techniques, growing regions, wine styles, and wine and food pairings. Users may record and share their thoughts with other users and friends and create a personal gallery of wine by uploading a photo and recording the occasion and specifics about the wine consumed (name, vintage, grape variety, flavours). Users complete a wine taste test to receive wine recommendations specific to their palate. As with Hello Vino, Plonk includes a sound file for correct pronunciation.

Kate Wagner Zeke, Sommelier(ISG)

Certified Specialist of Wine, Certified Wine Educator(SWE)