Time Flies!

Time goes by in the blink of eye! While I sit here and think about it, it is hard to believe we are going into our 4th year of publishing this magazine. What stands out the most to me, are the people we have met who helped contribute to the magazine over the years and the relationships we have built. I can honestly say they have helped me grow as a person and educated me in their industry.

We were able to expand on many of these relationships this year, as we built our own home. I really enjoyed working with many of our customers on a whole new level, and becoming one of their customers! Now the tables were turned! We built our home, in a not so traditional way, compared to the market right now. We were the general contractor and hired companies for every single job; some on our own and some through reputable businesses we were already working with. Were we 100% prepared for everything, definitely not, but eventually everything fell into place. We tried to give ourselves more time for the built to compensate for this. We did this, so we could have more control over the whole process and really pick out what we wanted, not be told only what they can offer. This was in order to make our home, truly what we wanted for our family. Doing this is a lot more work and a huge learning process, which I really did enjoy, as I feel I understand how a whole home a built now. Would I do it again…I’m still trying to catch up on my sleep, so not in the near future!

Be sure to watch for our final reveal of our home in an upcoming issue this year.

Jaime-Lynn Dyck
Design Your Home