Tiny House Living

We are fans of the shows on tiny homes and tiny living, but I never thought I would come close to living like that myself. As we embark on the journey of building our new home, we decided to move into a tiny home to live in, in the meantime. I don’t mean 200 sq feet by any means, but going from over 1400 sq feet to 604 sq feet can be quite the shock to the system… or should I say family!

Before we moved into our “tiny house” we prepped it the best way we could, to accommodate our family of 3. The kitchen was newer and pretty standard, so I truly lucked out there! Storage was my biggest concern before we moved, so I really went through our belongings and packed only what I felt we truly needed. Storage was minimal. There was a small shallow closet in the bathroom. I loaded it up with storage containers to hold everything we use to have in all of our bathrooms! Again, only bringing the necessities! You can truly evaluate all the junk or extra items you have on hand when you are downsizing. We are lucky and are putting everything away in storage until we move into the new home, but I feel I will be evaluating everything a bit differently when I unpack!

Furniture choice was a big decision for this house as well. No bringing the oversized sectional or dining room suite! We narrowed it down to smaller pieces, even storing away our bedroom suite for furniture from a spare bedroom.

As our family prepares to move in, we are excited for this new experience, though somewhat glad it is not long term. I am happy that we will be living here during the warmer months, as we can enjoy our new large, shaded yard!

Jaime-Lynn Dyck
Design Your Home