Trends in Custom Window Fashions

Just like runway fashions, window fashions change, and there have been many new developments recently. Let’s take a look at the top 10 trends to give you inspiration!

1) Clean Lines
One of the biggest design trends we are seeing today is the use of clean lines to create a contemporary, streamlined look. When it comes to draperies, inverted box pleat draperies on smaller-scale rods are all the rage. Flat Roman shades and box pleat valances are another popular style and are a great way to achieve a lighter, brighter, and less fussy look.

2) Greys
Grey has replaced taupe as the new neutral. We are seeing grey everywhere including fabrics, fashion, and home decor.
Sophistication can be achieved in interiors by combining grey with neutral draperies in various tones and textures.

3) Bright Colours
On the opposite side of the spectrum, bright colours are also hot right now; clean crisp tones of orange, fuchsia, orchid, turquoise and cobalt blues act as the centre of attention in rooms. Have a little fun by combining bright colours with greys and neutrals.

4) Natural Fibres
You can achieve a sophisticated and contemporary look by using natural fibre fabrics. Linen is a perfect example that is very hot right now. There are many textured solids available in natural fibres as well such as cottons and silks.

5) Large-scale Prints
Large-scale prints that are big and bold are being seen more and more in interior design. Because they are so dramatic, they need to be used sparingly for the best effect.

6) Geometric Patterns
Large geometric prints are a great way to add impact to any room. Greek keys are an especially popular and versatile geometric motif. Everyone is in love with geometric patterns and trims so make sure you incorporate them into drapery panels to valances.  Bold patterns like these don’t always have to be in bold colours; they are just as attractive in neutral shades.

7) Tape Trim
Flat tape trims have replaced tassels and fringes as the preferred drapery accent. Today, tape trims come in a wide variety of options including solids, Greek key embroideries and animal prints. Tape trims can be used in many ways to embellish window treatments, bedding and pillows.

8) Colour Blocking
Colour blocking is a trend in fashion that almost everyone is familiar with and is a big trend in soft treatments as well. The idea is to use contrasting blocks of colours at the top and bottom of a drapery. Colour blocking is also a great look on Roman shades and valances. Colour blocking is a great way to add subtle colour into a natural space without overpowering it.

9) Thin Rods
Thin metal rods are trending and we are seeing more sleek designs such as French poles that return back to the wall with no finials.  This keeps with the modern look of today’s fashions.

10) Nailheads
Nailhead embellishments are being seen everywhere today; they can be found on upholstered headboards, cornices, chairs and even drapery panels.

An important thing to remember when it comes to interior design trends is that they typically stick around for a decade.  Investing in these trends will give your home a fresh and updated look that you can enjoy for many years to come!