Wine Advice: Dine In, Dine Out

Whether at a restaurant, someone’s home or my own home, I enjoy dining. Brandon’s own Benny’s Restaurant, owned and operated by Brandonite Ben Hernandez, offers all such dining options.

All selections from the restaurant menu, which includes a wide variety of appetizers, lunch and dinner, are available not only while dining at Benny’s but also at home. Pick-up and catering options have always been available but delivery apps, such as Dash, have opened many restaurant doors. Benny’s Restaurant has chosen Dash for the convenience of those who wish to dine at home.

Diners are increasingly cognizant of liquor consumption, being especially wary when driving. For those who wish to consume alcohol while dining there are options. Unfinished bottles of wine can be corked and taken home, which is not only convenient but also increases wine options as diners are not limited to wines offered by the glass. When dining at home wine selection is limited only by your imagination.

When you ask Ben how long he has been immersed in the restaurant business his reply is “all my life” and his menu reflects his vast experience. Not only does he work closely alongside Red Seal chef Rodney Randall, Ben also values the input of guests and it is clientele that he turns to review the restaurants menu and provide feedback prior to finalizing the menu.

Benny’s in-house wine list offers a selection of wines to suit all tastes and food and wine pairings. White wines available by the glass are chardonnay, pinot grigio, white zinfandel and the increasingly popular moscato. Sauvignon blanc and a white blend are available by the bottle. Red wines by the glass are shiraz, malbec, and merlot, while seven red wines are available by the bottle including Chianti, cabernet sauvignon, Valpolicella, pinot noir and a red blend. Sparkling wine, Prosecco, is available in both small (200 ml) and regular 750 ml sized bottles. Port completes the list.

Benny’s menu includes rib eye steak and braised lamb shank which is perfectly paired with cabernet sauvignon, while the best and a classic wine pairing for pan seared salmon is pinot noir. If you prefer white wine the flavour of classic carbonaro or fettucine alfredo are enhanced by chardonnay while the taste of spinach and goat cheese stuffed chicken is intensified by a refreshing glass of sauvignon blanc.

Ben and the staff are happy to assist patrons with wine selections while dining whereas for Benny’s catered events patrons can elect to have Ben make the wine choices or you can choose your own selections.